Perks of Joining a league

2 free 1hr walk-in sessions
League fees are $112.50 + tax
($125 One Week Prior to League Start)

Axe Throwing Leagues


• Ages 16 and up and older are welcome to join
• You don't have to purchase any equipment. We have the Axes.
• 8 week session (7 weeks of play, 1 week of playoffs/tournament)
• League play can qualify you for regional, national and international competitions 
(Dates/Availability to be announced)
• The first week is round robin scheduling to get the hang of the league, format and scoring system
• For the first 7 weeks everyone will get at least 40 competitive throws per night.
• Your score for each throw will be tallied and recorded. This will ensure that we're not ranking you based on who you go up against, rather, your skills at hitting the bullseye to get top scores.
• The Championship Tournament in week 8 will determine the Axe Throwing League Champion!

• You can bring your own axe *It will be inspected and must be within regulation.

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2020 League Dates

Our League Days are Sundays at 3pm, or Thursdays at 7pm
Winter January 12th, 2020
Spring April 5th, 2020- Canceled
Summer June 7th, 2020
Fall September 20th, 2020

2020 league info

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